Benefit from a split interest gift

A split interest gift is really two gifts, one that is present interest and one that is future interest. Typically, the present interest gift is a lifetime flow of income back to the donor. The future interest gift is the amount the charity will receive at the death of the donor. The most popular split interest gift is a charitable remainder trust. It is a gift that returns an income to you, your spouse or another beneficiary you name. Highly appreciated but low yield stock is an ideal asset to use in a charitable remainder trust.

Another “split interest” gift is a retained life estate. This is a way to give away the future interest in your home after your lifetime. You continue to enjoy your home while you are living. Perhaps you own a home or vacation home that your children have no interest in inheriting. You can create an irrevocable provision to retain the use of your home during your lifetime...and give the remainder interest to United Way Montcalm-Ionia Counties at your death. You receive a current income tax deduction for the remainder interest and remove the home from your taxable estate.