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Children/Family Health Resources

Children & Family Health

Montcalm County:

Great Start Collaborative

Mid-Michigan District Health Department


Ionia County:

Great Start Collaborative

Ionia County Health Department


MSU-E Ionia County 

Nutrition Education (6 Classes)
MSU Extension nutrition program staff offer educational presentations and hands-on classes to limited resource families, individuals, and classrooms promoting healthy food choices, menu planning, cooking skills, smart shopping and healthy snacks. Annette Sokolnicki: 517-887-4534 or

Early Childhood Development
Programs and services to support families with young children. Parents and caregivers learn positive parenting practices, self-care, to increase early childhood science, math and pre-literacy skills, and enhance children’s social and emotional development. Kittie Butcher: 989-224-5228

Disease Prevention and Management
PATH (Personal Action Towards Health) including Diabetes PATH and Chronic Pain PATH, the National Diabetes Prevention Program, Dining with Diabetes, and Matter of Balance are high quality, evidence-based programs. All these programs provide participants with the tools and strategies to help improve their quality of life with the goal of preventing or better management of chronic conditions such as diabetes. Laura Anderson: 269-945-1388 or

Social Emotional Health
Healthy relationships are critical to the overall health and well-being of individuals, families and communities. Michigan State University Extension works to promote healthy relationships between youth, parents, families, caregivers and the community through social, mental, psychological and spiritual aspects of an individual’s life. Suzanne Pish: 517-279-4311 or