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Get Out the Vote

This March, Michigan voters will choose presidential primary candidates and make decisions on local ballot proposals.

Elections matter. Presidential primaries determine who will be on the November ballot for each political party. They are yet another avenue for us to choose our leaders and shape the future of our country.

There also may be important local issues on your ballot. Make sure your voice is heard! Help ensure you community’s needs are met!

Voting in Michigan has never been easier. You can register to vote by mail or online up to 15 days before an election. You can register in person up to or even on Election Day. You can also get an absentee ballot for any reason, allowing you to conveniently vote ahead of time. Click here to apply for an absentee ballot.

Check out these resources and share them with your family and friends. Most importantly, get out and vote!

Helpful voting resources:

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Can I register to vote online?

Where is my precinct?

What’s on my ballot?

Where do I find information about my ballot options?

How do I vote absentee?