All of our VITA sites are currently closed in preparation for the upcoming tax season. Please check back in mid-January to learn more about how to access our services for the 2021 Tax Season.

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program is a free, tax service provided to households that make less than $55,000 per year. Our team of volunteers, supported by full-time staff, are IRS trained and certified and will provide you with the highest quality return possible. If you are interested in benefiting from this service, please call 211 to schedule an appointment. 

What you will need

The items below are common documents clients are required to bring in order for us to complete your taxes. Please note that you are not required to have all of these documents (i.e. if you were not a student, you will not need forms 1098-E or 1098-T).  Prior to your appointment, please review the following list as well as the examples that are available to make sure you have all applicable documents. 

  • A photo ID for both you and your spouse
  • Social Security Cards for self, spouse and/or dependents
  • Saving account information for direct deposit
  • Copy of prior year's tax return, if available

**Please note: Your taxes cannot be prepared without valid photo identification and social security cards.  If filing jointly, both spouses must be present.**

Income Statement
  • Wage and earning statements
    • W-2 Form
    • SSI
    • Pension (Form 1099-R)
    • IRA
    • Annuity
    • Unemployment
  • Broker Statements
  • Social Security Income (SSA-1099)
  • 1099-Misc if you were self-employed
  • 1099-K if you were paid on a credit card (typically Lyft and Uber Drivers)
  • Childcare provider's taxpayer identification number (TIN) and total paid
  • Proof of education expenses paid (Form 1098-T)
  • Charitable contributions receipts
  • Mortgage interest (Form 1098)
  • A heating bill from November or December

Homeowners: summer & winter property tax bills for previous year
Renters: Landlord's name and address and proof of rent paid in previous year
Self-Employed: Bring receipts and itemized records of expenses (i.e. mileage with trips recorded, invoices or other listing of income sources, etc.)


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Do you want to learn to do income taxes or can you already do your own income tax returns?  We need you!  United Way Montcalm-Ionia Counties sponsors VITA sites locally in partnership with other local agencies.  However, this is a volunteer driven program.  We cannot succeed and assist your neighbors without your help. 

Contact Us if You Would Like to be a VITA Volunteer

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