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United Way Campaign

Local Giving

Our annual fundraising efforts are an easy way to invest in your community.  United Way Montcalm-Ionia Counties is focused on the building blocks for a good life--a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health.  With your help we can ignite a movement that is committed to creating opportunities for everyone.

Local Decisions

Your contributions stay local.  Local community members like you help decide where these funds are distributed.  As a donor, you are entitled to sit on a Community Investment Committee to distribute the funds raised during our annual campaign.  Consider volunteering for one of these committees this year.  Not only will you have a say, but you will also benefit from a deeper understanding of the need that your campaign contributions meet and how far we still have to go.

Local Campaign

The Workplace Campaign is the easiest and most powerful way to invest in your community.  Giving is simplified through payroll deductions that allow one gift to help many local organizations.  Whether a returning workplace campaign or a new one, you may find the following resources helpful.

Join the Fight for Our Community

Change doesn’t happen alone.

Every day people in our community face personal and social crises. Homelessness. Hunger. Addiction. Lack of or low-quality education. Quality health care that is out of reach.

We – the team at United Way Montcalm-Ionia Counties, our partners and supporters like you – surround tough problems like these and we fight. We fight to make the lives of every person in our community better by improving their health, education and financial stability.

Why We Fight

We fight because even though our community has a lot to celebrate, there are still a lot of problems that need to be solved. These are often problems that aren’t talked about. They’re complex problems without easy answers. They’re problems that last weeks, years and even generations.

We fight because every person in our community deserves to thrive.

Why do you fight? Tell us on Facebook using the hashtag #LiveUnited.

How We Fight

When we’re UNITED we can solve these social crises. We can bring together the organizations with the best resources and the people in need like we do in our Community Leaders Conference. We can find new solutions to old problems. And we can find and mobilize people in our community who are ready to take on our community’s most daunting crises. 

What We Fight For

What does it mean to join the fight? It means you:

Fight for the well-being of people in our community.

We make it easier for individuals to access substance abuse programs, receive quality health care and access nutritious foods, we’re fighting to help everyone get—and stay—healthy.

Fight for more kids and teenagers to have a chance to succeed.

From cradle to career, we ensure every child gets a strong start in life, teenagers have the tools to learn and grow, and young adults can thrive in the job market.

Fight for a path to financial stability for families and individuals.

We support access to services, job training, credit counseling and money management programs that help make financial stability easier.

But change doesn’t happen alone. Help improve the lives of people in our community by supporting United Way Montcalm-Ionia Counties.

Many ways to donate through your workplace campaign. Donate online for a one-time payment or schedule multiple payments, send a check, or donate through easy payroll deduction. If your company would like to start a Workplace Campaign, please contact our office at 616-794-9840 for details. It is a quick and easy process. We have a toolkit of resources available for employee campaign coordinators, and an online system for Easy Payroll Deduction available for use by companies and organizations.

Workplace Campaign Toolkit

These documents are meant to help you run a successful campaign. If there is anything you need or you think would help, please contact our office.

Campaign Checklist

10 Reasons to Give

Campaign FAQs

Sample Emails

Printable Pledge Form

FamilyWize Information