Sponsor A Classroom

$100 fully sponsors one classroom!

It is our goal to provide K-3 teachers in our counties with money to purchase additional supplies. Sponsorships are tax-deductible.

We are partnering with local businesses, organizations, and individuals with the goal of sponsoring each and every elementary school K-3 classroom in both Montcalm and Ionia Counties to help our local teachers obtain any supplies they may need, whatever they may need.  A sponsorship of $100 helps to provide items that will assist our local teachers as they enhance their classrooms to create strong learning environments for our children.   Each $100 donation sponsors one classroom.

100% of your contributions go directly to the teachers and sponsorships are tax-deductible.

$100 - Full Sponsorship

$50 - A Half Sponsorship

$25 - A Quarter Sponsorship

Group of youth for sponsor a classroom

Group of youth with sponsor a classroom check

Sponsor A Classroom Donation

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Please send your cash or check to
United Way Montcalm-Ionia Counties
302 S Bridge St., Suite1
Belding, MI 48809

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