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Volunteer TODAY!


Volunteers are the backbone of everything we and our partners do.

Volunteer Connections Montcalm-Ionia Counties

Volunteer Connections Montcalm-Ionia Counties is a program of United Way Montcalm-Ionia Counties. United Way Montcalm-Ionia Counties' programming is volunteer driven.  You, the volunteer, make things happen in your communities.  Without you, we would not be able to provide the services that we do.  The same applies to our Partners.  In general, United Way Montcalm-Ionia Counites and our Partners are working with fewer financial resources than in the past.  The impact made in our communities relies on people such as yourself, who give of their time and skills to support a cause or programs that are important to them.

Last year, Volunteer Connections helped connect over 759 volunteers to our internal programming and that of our Community and Funded Partner Agencies and have facilitated over 1,000 volunteers connecting through events and National Days of Service.  Their volunteer time had a value of over $63,000.

Be part of the change.  Pick your passion.  Join in.  Volunteer.


We have many different opportunities for interns for the Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters. Positions include: 211 Data Intern, Event Planning Intern, Graphic Design Intern, Nonprofit Management Intern, and Marketing Intern. All positions are posted on Handshake. If you have any questions please call or email our office.

Days of Service

Volunteer Connection Montcalm-Ionia Counties participates in both formal and informal days of service. In many cases, we are helping our partners develop event opportunities and recruit volunteers. In the past year, we participated in MLK Day, AmeriCorps Week, 911 Day of Remembrance, National Family Volunteer Day, Global Youth Service Day, and many more.

Day of Caring/Day of Action

This is an annual event designed to provide an opportunity for community members and Partner/Community Agencies to connect.  Every year, this is a way for United Way Montcalm-Ionia supporters and potential supporters to join in some hands-on work for our Partner and Community Agencies.  In many cases, the projects would not be completed as effectively, completely, or at all.  Generally held in August, this is a great way to get involved.  Check back for more information and specific details.


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